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A few days ago the curtain fell on the Multistars Meeting (part of the World Athletics Challenge – Combined Events), which has been held in Italy for 34 years. Since 2019, the editions have been held in Lana in the province of Bolzano and have always brought many champions from all over the world to the first important event of the season of Italian Athletics.

Web Athletics, thanks to the contribution of Jump srl, has worked very quickly in restoring and creating the new website of the Multistars Meeting and, together with Jump, has reactivated the social media linked to the competition.

In full compliance with the “We Share Talent” mission, Web Athletics is committed to giving prominence to all participants, selecting impressive photos and linking their respective social profiles in order to create engagement and raise curiosity.

The website is meant to give prominence to the “Trio of Wonders” of Italian champions with a cover dedicated to them: Sveva Gerevini, former Web Athletics ambassador and reigning Italian champion, and her club partner Dario Dester, reigning Italian champion represented by Jump, as well as the “veteran” Simone Cairoli.  

Throughout the week and during the event, Web Athletics helped and supported the Multistars social profiles.

The same organization was also supported in the publication of photo-video material and in the input of the results of the individual races.

Web Athletics and Jump continue to make a significant contribution to the digitalization of Italian Athletics.

The new Multistars website can be reached here: https://www.multistars.it 

Turin, April 28, 2021

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