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Web Athletics by Wirinform srl, in collaboration with Jump srl, enriches its portfolio with the new website of the 10th International Meeting of the City of Savona.

This work, also carried out with the aim of starting a strategic program in the digital promotion of the Italian meetings, is part of the mission of Web Athletics committed to giving value to the athletes through a more structured “We Share Talent” web presence.

In fact, in Savona, in the first international outdoor event of the year, talented athletes of Italian Athletics such as Larissa Iapichino, Filippo Tortu, Marcell Jacobs, Luminosa Bogliolo, Leonardo Fabbri and many others will compete; to these Champions we have dedicated the opening images of the new website.

Scrolling through the homepage we have placed an entire area dedicated to the records to beat of the past years, with the photos of their respective athletes and the links to their social channels; at the bottom of the same page the synchronized images coming from the Instagram channel are displayed.

In the site menu, the press review, sorted by year, is very useful, presenting all the newspapers that told the story of the Savona Meeting over time.

Also on this occasion, Web Olympics managed to create the website in record time with the aim of starting to make people perceive the new opportunities of digital communication in the world of Italian Athletics.

The new website of the International Meeting of Savona can be reached here: https://www.meetingsavona.com 

Turin, April 19, 2021

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