Larissa Iapichino
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Larissa Iapichino’s website was designed by Web Athletics (Turin) with contents created by the marketing & communication agency JUMP of Florence.

The structure and design were developed with the aim of making the most of the athlete’s sporting and communicative profile. 

Special emphasis was placed on the dynamism of the website with the aim of making web surfing immediate and with the main information at hand.

The user immediately finds the moving images of the technical sponsor and can scroll the site vertically to see Larissa’s sports records, with the most representative moments of her career and biography.

The innovative user experience also includes horizontal surfing that allows the user to discover the advertising campaigns starring Larissa; each campaign consists of a short emotional video and can be explored through a gallery of suggestive images with high-impact photographs.

The site was intentionally written in English to allow larger SEO diffusion and indexing worldwide; the profiling and marketing automation scenarios that will lead to better loyalty of the numerous fans are to be activated soon.

Web Athletics “we share talent!” represents a team of IT specialists who are involved in developing digital strategies to disseminate and bring value to the contents produced by the athlete and for the athlete.

“The Athletes, with their talent, are the engine of everything and today, in the digital age, they’re also protagonists on the Internet.”

The website can be reached here www.larissaiapichino.com

Turin, November 5, 2021

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